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ISO 22005 is a certification which guarantees the origin of the raw materials used for GelatoMadre Pistacchio with "P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte", Nocciola obtained exclusively from "P.G.I. Piedmont Hazelnut" and Fior di Latte.


At G7 S.r.l. we increasingly care about our customers’ dietary needs. That’s why we have created a whole range of lactose-free and gluten-free products aiming at fulfilling everybody’s requirements. Avaialable now in the following flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry and Apple.

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Since January 2014 G7 S.r.l. decided to embark the path of organic production by certifying three products with ingredients 100% organic origin: cocoa, cream and custard.

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