Stracciatella Domori

with Domori dark chocolate flakes Blend Orinoco (cocoa min. 75%)

Domori's story begins with a dream: to discover the soul of chocolate. First chocolate company to use only fine cocoa from high quality supply chain, coming only from its own plantations of South and Central America, Domori has represented since its foundation in 1997 a true revolution for the world of cocoa.

The Blend Orinoco 75% grows on the banks of the river of the same name that flows through Colombia and Venezuela, crossing pristine lands and wild forests. A pure recipe, a harmony of notes of dried fruit that gives to our Stracciatella GelatoMadre an intense aroma.

GelatoMadre Stracciatella Domori: carefully selected natural ingredients for a unique Gelato going back to the origin of taste.

The authentic taste of a real traditional Gelato made only with few and simple natural ingredients.

1 Italian cream
2 Italian High Quality fresh whole milk
3 Sugar
4 Domori dark chocolate flakes Blend Orinoco 11% (cocoa min. 75% - grains of aromatic cocoa - brown sugar - cocoa butter)