Yogurt Vipiteno

with more than 60% of Vipiteno Yogurt

GelatoMadre selected Vipiteno Yogurt for an authentic and genuine product.

Day by day the farmers of the Latteria Vipiteno get up early in the morning to milk their cows that graze freely on the meadows, fed with a “menù” made of the best water and fresh mountain herbs. From this daily care comes the precious fresh milk, necessary to produce the Vipiteno yogurt with its genuine flavor.

GelatoMadre with Vipiteno Yogurt is a light and delicate product, made only with 4 ingredients and more than 60% of whole Yogurt for a unique tasting experience.

GelatoMadre is glad to present its new range

'Ritratti d'Autore' which celebrates a partnership with selected brands of Italian Excellence

in the Special Edition tub 270 g

1  Whole Yogurt (contains milk) (62,5%)
2 Italian cream
3 Sugar
4 Grape sugar