With Lemon juice obtained by P.G.I. Lemons from Sorrento

The P.G.I. Lemon from Sorrento is still cultivated by using the ancient technique of straw matting. Straw mats protect the trees from cold and wind, delaying thus at the same time fruit ripening. This process, a key element for the P.G.I. certification, is necessary to obtain juicy and scented fruits, famous and renowned for the production of the original Limoncello

GelatoMadre with P.G.I. Lemon from Sorrento has a pure and intense taste.

GelatoMadre Limone with P.G.I. Lemon from Sorrento: only 100% Italian natural ingredients, for a unique Gelato going back to the origin of taste.

The structure of this extraordinary product is unique, halfway between a Gelato and a Sorbet. It is less creamy than the traditional Gelato, due to the significant quantity of the juice used.

The authentic taste of a real traditional Gelato made only with few and simple Italian ingredients from certified supply chain

1 Sugar
2 “P.G.I. Lemon juice from Sorrento”  (25%: equal to 800 g of lemons per 1000 g of  Gelato)
3 Italian High Quality fresh whole milk  
4 Water
5 Cream