About us

Since the beginning, it has been our mission to promote the Excellence of Italian artisanal Gelato, preserving the very best of tradition, while applying the rigour of industrial production.

Faithful to our

Our story begins in 1958, in a place close to Bologna, in the small artisan Gelato laboratory of our grandfather Guglielmo.

A true Gelato Love Story, made of gestures, recipes and methods from Italian Gelato-making tradition.

Tips and tricks passed from generation to generation make for unique expertise on today’s market, represented globally through the brands G7 and Siviero Maria, both inspired by our family history.

G7 echoes the memory of a special father-son relationship, captured in the choice of names that both share the letter G. Siviero Maria pays homage to a mother and wife who has always shared this dream come reality, in the form of an outstanding Italian business.

We believe in
continuity and progress

Today, G7 is a modern, certified company, but still run by the same family, now in its third generation of entrepreneurs. This element of continuity has however embraced innovation, with technology and industrial know-how mixing with the best kept secrets of artisan tradition to achieve remarkable results:

  • 3 retail brands (G7, Siviero Maria and GelatoMadre)
  • Production capacity of 12 million kilos of Gelato every year
  • Over 100 employees
  • 11 production lines

With its consolidated experience in over 60 countries worldwide, G7 today partners with some of the biggest retailers in modern Italian and international distribution, both to sell its own branded products and to develop private label projects.

We invest to grow

Enlarged in 2015, the modern production site extends over some 12,200 sqm. This cutting-edge facility uses the most advanced industrial and logistics technology as part of an organisational model targeting energy efficiency. This is achieved thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels and thermal solar panels.