Attention to the product means responding to the most diverse of trends and market needs. Our catalogue is rich both in terms of the breadth of content and the types of format offered to satisfy the tastes of each and every consumer. And we always look to explore new tastes and flavours.

Siviero Maria Gourmet

Our Siviero Maria Gourmet range is an immersive journey through different, fascinating food cultures and traditions.

Discover our new international inspired recipes Raspberry Cheesecake, Speculoos Biscuit and Cookie Dough!

Gelato with
Spreadable Cream

Authentic Italian Gelato stuffed with homemade Spreadable Cream.

An absolute novelty on the international market.

A revolutionary Gelato concept: in the new range, the traditional syrup is replaced by the Spreadable Cream, produced directly by G7.

 organic gelato

Siviero Maria BIO-ORGANIC is the first product range made only with organic ingredients in an exclusive and innovative 100% renewable and compostable packaging.

5 flavours available in this special 450 ml - 300 g tub made with unprinted bagasse box and OK COMPOST certified.


lactose free

Our first 100% plant-based and naturally lactose-free line is finally out in our 1l-500g format.

Cherry Affogato and Chocolate Affogato are now available in a new version, made with Italian rice, dedicated to consumers with specific nutritional needs.


gluten free

We are very committed to respecting our clients' dietary needs. This is why we offer a lot of gluten-free flavours.

To discover the products included in the last edition of the AIC Italian Coeliac Disease Association's Handbook, please visit the website: www.celiachia.it


Not only Italian Gelato, but also Italian Sorbets.

With its new range in a transparent 480ml tub, G7 reinterprets the traditional Sorbet in a modern way.

A funny eye-catching packaging for these innovative five flavours, colorings and aromas free, where wellness and pure pleasure merge.


A wide assortment of more that 30 flavours, both cream and fruit based, in the Foodservice format, ideal size for Gelato shops, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Gelato Cakes

Our new Cakes come from our Love for Gelato.

We reinterpret the recipes of our tradition with a new mix of experience and creativity.

Our velvety and creamy Gelato, decorated by hand with the very best ingredients, is now presented on a gluten free soft sponge cake slice.

The uniqueness of our Italian Recipes in a new shape, ready to be shared.

private label

For many years now our company has been chosen by traders as a key partner in developing their own private labels. In Italy, we collaborate, among others, with CoopConad, Bennet and Pam.

And we know no limits. Our Gelato is also popular with numerous international retailers, for whom it is distributed both under our trademark Siviero Maria and under private brands. Walmart, Kesko, Rema 1000 and Spar are just some of our highly valued partners.