Torte gelato G7


Our new Cakes come from our Love for Gelato.

We reinterpret the recipes of our tradition with a new mix of experience and creativity.

Our velvety and creamy Gelato, decorated by hand with the very best ingredients, is now presented on a gluten free soft sponge cake slice.

• PANNA CON FRAGOLE,  with strawberry syrup and decorated with semi-candied strawberries;

• CASSATA, ricotta cheese Gelato with pistachio spreadable cream; decorated with candied fruit and whole pistachios;

• AFFOGATO AL CIOCCOLATO, with chocolate syrup and decorated with dark Belgian chocolate curls;

• BACIONE, with gianduia syrup and decorated with hazelnuts grains, whole toasted hazelnuts, candied cherries and Belgian dark chocolate curls;

• SPAGNOLA, with black cherry syrup and decorated with candied cherries;

• CREMA FIORENTINA, stuffed with amaretti grains and decorated with whole amaretti biscuits and Belgian dark chocolate curls;

Discover our Traditional Italian Recipes in a new shape, ready to be shared.